AMir Shemony


About Amir Shemony

Amir Shemony is a certified digital marketing professional in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from the Institution of Colorado Boulder, a publicly funded research university, with two Bachelor of Arts degrees. He majored in Psychology and Communications. Amir is presently enrolled at the University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business as an MBA candidate. He is currently pursuing his MBA in Business Administration and General Management.

Amir Shemony’s first job was with the clothing designer Ralph Lauren. As the General Manager, Amir spent half a decade learning the ins and outs of the trade before being promoted to the Director of Creative Services and Product Presentation. 

In this role, Amir earned a solid reputation for organizational global marketing strategies that led to positive contributions in sales/gross margin/sell-through numbers. Amir formed a worldwide team of managers, organizers, and visual specialists and was in charge of training initiatives as well as fostering ideas throughout the corporate office and the company’s 20+ freestanding retail stores around China. He worked closely with both the senior Asian-Pacific (APAC) management team and China GMM to strategically manage over $20 million worth of products for all account levels, including full-price, outlet, and wholesale. Amir created standardized communication channels between all teams, including retail, merchant, licensing, and upper management in the Shanghai, Hong Kong, and New York offices. 

On the heels of that success, Amir Shemony joined the management team at FC Cincinnati, a brand-new soccer club based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Amir was instrumental in transforming the start-up consumer goods program into a sophisticated omnichannel retail division. Amir worked directly on product development, budgeting, forecasting, distribution, marketing, and operations. Due to his efforts, the franchise’s team sales quadrupled that of an average team. 

As the Vice President of the now-flourishing FC Cincinnati, Amir Shemony was responsible for various marketing and branding responsibilities, including creative asset creation, media purchasing, e-mail marketing communications, grassroots marketing, and gameday presentation. Amir also grew the business internally through multi-year, campaign-based marketing strategies within departments, profit from ticket and merchandise sales, and sponsorship integration. To engage and measure total fan involvement with the FC Cincinnati brand, Amir and his team used numerous technological partners/platforms, including the successful launch of a customer relationship management solution (Salesforce) that handled over 60,000 subscribers’ communications. Amir was a key player throughout the FC Cincinnati rebranding process, done in anticipation of the club becoming an MLS franchise.

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